Michael Carroll & Co will support you every step of the way, providing initial advice on what to expect at court and how it operates, through to advice about plea and sentencing and mitigation if you plead or are found guilty.  We will advise you on the different court venues, mode of trial, and explain how a jury, judge or magistrates will consider the evidence in reaching a decision regarding possible guilt and sentencing.  If you arrive straight from the police station (in custody), we will work with you in determining a suitable bail package that could be offered to the Court so that we can make an application for your release on bail.

Michael Carroll & Co will help you through the daunting experience of attending court – we understand how it feels.

We will work closely with you to go through the evidence in the case against you, and we will provide you with an honest opinion as to how we think your case should be defended, or in the event you are found to be guilty, we will work with you and other professionals, such as probation, to mitigate any sentence based on your circumstances.

Should your case go to Crown Court, again we will work with you to present your defence case.  We will instruct a lawyer to represent you at the Crown Court and we will work closely with them to ensure continuity of service for you.

Private court representation in London

Private court representation in London

We can represent you at all stages of the Court Process, including:

Youth Court

Magistrates Court

Crown Court

Court of Appeal

Other Courts and Tribunals

We will continue to be there once your case has completed.  If for whatever reason you have failed to comply with any sentence imposed, we will be available for further advice and if necessary further representation at court.

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