Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, or you are at risk of being accused of a sexual offence, you should obtain specialist advice as soon as possible.  Telephone 07900 965 222 in total confidence to receive initial free advice.

Allegations of a sexual nature must be handled sensitively and with absolute caution.  It is important that your case is properly handled from initial allegation through to any outcome.  Everything you say and do during the course of any investigation can make the difference between a charge or no charge, and/or conviction or acquittal.  It is not unusual for anyone accused of a sexual offence to suffer from increased anxiety and stress, and we can assist you in managing these stress levels.  We understand that such allegations can also affect your family and other loved ones.   False allegations of a sexual nature can cause great embarrassment and can affect your reputation.  We offer help in carefully managing this.

We represent clients accused of a wide range of complex sexual offences, including:

Rape – high profile rape cases, rape and other sexual offences where parties have met through web sites and other social media platforms, date rape, accusations of date rape in the workplace, use of date rape drugs and other drugs to induce a person to have non-consensual sex.

Sexual Offences against children – including historical allegations of sexual offending against children,  and allegations of sexual offending against inter-family children and /or against children from the extended family.

Pornography related offences - Private representation in London

Indecent photographs & imagery – Possessing & downloading indecent images & extreme pornography – Private representation in London

Sexual Assaults including historical allegations of sexual abuse, historical rape, and other sexual assaults:

  • Rape – including Date Rape and Stranger Rape, Rape of an underage person
  • Indecent Assault
  • Underage Sexual Offences
  • Indecent photographs & imagery  – Possessing & downloading indecent images & extreme pornography
  • Sexual Grooming
  • Honey Traps Undercover Vigilante posing as an adult/child – police officers posing as children
  • Entrapment
  • Upskirting
  • Investigations at the police station

Please telephone us for an initial appraisal and to discuss your concerns in complete confidence.

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